The Suffolk & Norfolk electricians and electrical engineers who light the path to a greener future!

Bison Electrical Services

At Bison Electrical Services, commitment to environmental responsibility isn’t just some corporate slogan—it’s a passionate drive, fuelled by the profound responsibility we feel for securing a greener future for our children. Many of our electricians and engineers and other members of our team have young families, and this makes our mission all the more personal.

In our relentless pursuit of sustainability, we at Bison Electrical Services have joined thousands of other businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk and throughout the UK in the SME Climate HUB. This signifies our unwavering commitment to becoming a net-zero business by 2050. We constantly take steps to reduce our carbon footprint, making a tangible and positive difference to our environment. Here are some of the ways we’ve been doing this:

We’ve invested in insulating our offices and in LED lighting, significantly improving energy efficiency.

As responsible electrical engineers and electricians, we minimise waste from components and products, using only what’s necessary for each job.

We’re proud to participate in the WildEast initiative, planting trees to offset our carbon footprint.

We favour environment-conscious suppliers: we’re one of the few firms of electricians who take great care to source products from eco-friendly businesses and who take steps to reduce carbon emissions during transportation.

As we grow as an electrical services company, we’re gradually increasing the proportion of electric vehicles used by our engineers.

We’re OZEV-approved installers of workplace EV charging points, helping other businesses embrace sustainable transport.

Bison Electrical Services isn’t just a team of electricians and electrical engineers, we’re true stewards of the environment here on the Suffolk-Norfolk border, dedicated to having a positive impact on our children’s future. Join us on our journey to a greener tomorrow! Call Bison Electrical Services on 01502 512219 or write to us at