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Bison Electrical Services ltd was founded in 2015 by lifelong friends and registered electricians, Richard Gapper and Stuart Philp.

Company History
Bison Electrical Services Ltd was founded in November 2015 by lifelong friends, Richard Gapper and Stuart Philp. It was initially founded with the intent to service the industrial sector with reliable, comprehensive, competent electrical installation services. In 2016 when Bison underwent an extensive audit by the NICEIC. They passed with flying colours, resulting in them being able to announce that they were a NICEIC APPROVED Contractor.

In 2017 they took the step to diversify into the domestic sector and relocated the business to Lowestoft. Lowestoft was the town where Richard and Stuart were brought up, however, establishing themselves in a competitive market, where no one knew the company, or the brand was no mean feat. Later that year, they took on their first employee and have continued to build the company from there. The accreditation gave their new and existing clients confidence in their ability and enabled them to grow further. In 2018 they moved from there registered address to new offices that enabled the company to grow. That was a major stepping stone for the company that ultimately assisted in the companies growth, and resulted in 9 jobs being created. The company now has a good reputation in both the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, accreditations including NICEIC (2016), Gate Safe (2019), OLEV (2018) and Safe Contractor (2020).

Mission Statement
Our mission is to deliver consistent, reliable and safe electrical installation services to the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic sectors. We use advances in technology to ensure that all projects are delivered, safely, on time and with limited impact on our environment.

Our Core Values
We have listed our core values below, that we feel very strongly about. The values are at the core of the company that ultimately drives culture within the company.

  • Team Work – We will work as a team to overcome obstacles, inspire and become the vision of the company. We will not let any member of the team feel alone, undervalued or not involved.
  • Positive attitude – We will promote positive mental attitude throughout the organization and will work with all stakeholders and consumers to ensure that a positive attitude is consistent and sustainable.
  • Innovation – We will continuously innovate, develop, test and implement innovative solutions to keep the company ahead of its competition. Innovations must meet the following: must add value, must not have a detrimental effect to the environment, must add efficiencies to the operation of the company and must not impact the culture of the company. We will not implement innovations that have detriment to the company.
  • Accountability – Management will be clear of what is required by each individual and team that will be measured against set KPI’s. We expect everyone to be accountable for their duties and will provide with the help and assistance to ensure that their duties are clear and achievable. We will not expect individuals to achieve unachievable goals.
  • Recognition and Ownership – We expect all stakeholders to contribute to the company and will recognize all achievements and will give recognition where its due. We will not promote non contributions to the vison and long-term health of the company and its stakeholders.
  • Image – We will promote and provide the material and components to ensure that the company is represented in the professional, clean and consistent manor.
  • Efficiency – We will continuously create and develop new processes and procedures to ensure that the company runs as efficient as possible. This will ensure that we will limit wasted resources and materials whilst maximizing profitability of the company. We will not implement any procedure or process without trialing it first.
  • Quality – We will ensure all projects meet the high quality that our clients deserve and demand.
  • Continuous Development – The organization will promote continuous development of all stakeholders within the organization by routinely reviewing, training and developing all persons involved. The organization will not expect any individual to carry out a task that they are not competent and confident to complete.
Bison Electrical Services

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