Bison win sustainability award

Bison Electrical Services

It has certainly been a busy couple of months for us here at Bison! Lots of exciting things are happening, including our win of a sustainability award!

If you have been a long-standing customer, or following us for a while you will know that we are a very environmentally aware business. We always put sustainability first and do everything in our power to reduce both our and our client’s carbon footprints.

Back in March, we applied for the UK Business Regional Awards for Suffolk under the sustainability award. In the award application, we had to answer various questions about our sustainability as a business and prove our dedication to becoming carbon net zero (a goal we achieved a couple of months later in June). At the time we did not really think much of it- we enter a number of different awards every year, and we have always had limited success… to our great surprise though, this time we got shortlisted! We were all so excited when we got the email telling us we had made it to the next stage, hopeful that we would win of course, but mainly proud our efforts had been recognised. After a long week of anticipation and lots of will-we-won’t-we’s, we got an email informing us of our win- safe to say we were ecstatic.

Following our win we are more determined than ever to reach our carbon-negative 2030 goal and will take all the steps we can to meet it early like we did with our net zero goal!

Our annual sustainability update for 2023 will be coming soon so stay tuned to hear about the sustainability steps we  have taken this year and plan to take next year…