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Bison Electrical Services are OZEV approved installers for workplace EV charging points, and distributors of Rolec and Sync EV charging solutions. We will provide the right EV charging point installation to suit your premises.

Our EV charging solutions

We offer a range of EV charging points, all specifically designed for commercial locations such as restaurants, offices, factories, warehouses, car parks, and more.

In today’s business world, increasing the green credentials of your business is important. Whether you operate in a B2B or B2C marketplace, you’ll want to be seen to be operating in an ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. With that in mind, using electric vehicles (EV’s) as company cars is one way you can reduce your company’s environmental impact dramatically, and in a way that’s obvious to your customers and clients. There are also several business benefits that can save thousands of pounds, including Benefit in Kind, Excise Duty, Capital Allowances, and Salary Sacrifice schemes.

Getting Funding
The Energy Saving Trust and the Office for Zero Emissions (OZEV) have grants available, with funding of up to £350 off each workplace EV charging point installation when fitted by an OLEV approved installer. You can have up to 40 charging points at your workplace, so can enjoy potential savings of up to £14,000.

Bison will apply for the grant for you, and once approved will install your workplace charging point(s) at a convenient time for your business. There are several options available, and prices are subject to site survey and terms & conditions..

Don’t have spare capacity on your existing electrical installation?
Bison electrical has a number of ways to manage the electrical load that may be utilised from having your new workplace EV charge points that include intelligent solutions to ensure that you don’t overload your existing installation. Contact us now for more information.

To learn more about workplace EV charging points or book a site surveycall Bison today on 01502 512219 or email

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