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In the electrical industry, a substantial amount of waste is generated, ranging from miscellaneous lengths of wire to other bits of material from various projects. As responsible electricians, when serving our customers across Norfolk and Suffolk the practice of Bison Electrical Services is to retain as many of these left-over materials as possible, with the aim of repurposing them. And it’s worth noting that nearly all types of electrical components and equipment can be effectively recycled.

By consistently repurposing and reusing materials whenever possible, we find that over time a significant reduction in waste is achievable. This approach not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also leads to cost savings which we’re able to pass on to our customers throughout East Anglia.

Moreover, minimising waste generation has a direct positive impact on our waste disposal costs: again, savings which we’re able to pass on to our customers. Our joined-up approach of reusing, repurposing and recycling enables us to substantially cut down on total waste, translating into cost savings. We’re amongst the best value electricians in Suffolk and Norfolk and across East Anglia, and our “low waste” policy contributes to our competitive pricing.

You’ve surely often been told to “switch off that light!” when leaving a room. It’s a reminder that holds significant importance. It’s estimated that, in the UK, almost 30% of purchased energy is wasted. Simply making the effort to turn off lights and power down appliances on our own premises at Bison results in substantial energy savings. In fact, we believe it’s crucial we pay attention to devices and appliances that might remain powered on overnight or when not in use, as they’re major contributors to energy drain. The cumulative impact of these devices can lead to substantial energy waste. We hope that others in our sector follow energy-saving practices similar to those which we follow, but as far as we know we’re amongst the most environment-conscious of Suffolk & Norfolk electricians.

Efficiency is crucial when fitting wires and cables. It’s essential to avoid using unnecessarily long lengths. Instead, careful planning and selecting the most direct route are key. Longer cables result in ‘line loss’, which means energy wastage and decreased efficiency. Using minimal cabling reduces waste and cuts costs. Ultimately, this approach enables our customers to operate in a more energy-efficient manner, creating a win-win situation on multiple fronts.

We continually ask ourselves searching questions: Are we maximising the energy efficiency of light bulbs and appliances in our own premises? Have we ensured that our own business operates with the most efficient electrical devices? We understand very well that, as professional electricians, if we’re to inspire our customers in Norfolk and Suffolk and across East Anglia to adopt greener choices, we need to set an example in our own business. As trusted experts, it’s crucial for us to align our actions with our recommendations.

Transport is another important consideration when coming up with ways in which to increase our environmental sustainability, which is why we already have a “green fleet” and aim to gradually increase our number of electric vans.

Excessive packaging also stands out as a major contributor to waste here in East Anglia. We electricians in Suffolk and Norfolk do create a lot of waste in terms of the packaging we throw away. To address this issue, at Bison Electrical Services we’re always exploring strategies to enhance our procurement practices. Engaging in conversations with suppliers and exploring alternative purchasing methods, like bulk buying, could potentially decrease both our packaging waste and our overall costs.

During the course of our work, we constantly consider the necessity of additional light bulbs or extra wall sockets. Each electrical outlet we install promotes increased energy consumption, contributing to environmental consequences. We strive for efficiency in the way we install electrical outlets: positioning a light bulb or socket in the right place makes them easily accessible, meaning that we can dispense with the need for additional outlets. By planning effectively, we can achieve financial savings for us and for our customers, whilst at the same time minimising environmental impact.

In spite of the advent of the internet and the emergence of numerous advanced digital tools and resources, a significant number of Norfolk and Suffolk electricians continue to rely on traditional paper records and outdated tools to handle their business operations. This approach not only lacks efficiency but also has negative implications for the environment. Businesses heavily reliant on paper contribute substantially to the generation of waste. The remedy lies in embracing paperless alternatives, such as digital quoting and invoicing, along with job management software. This shift not only streamlines business processes but also aligns us with eco-friendly practices by reducing paper waste and energy consumption.

Reputable studies have found that the UK performs particularly poorly in terms of per capita production of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). At Bison Electrical Services, as busy Suffolk & Norfolk electricians we acknowledge our responsibility and we strive proactively to minimise our environmental footprint whilst helping our customers to do likewise.

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