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Cable spiking is carried out to ensure a cable is not live before being cut, preventing any unintentional damage to underground electrical services or personnel.

Our cable spiking services

Cable spiking is an industry term used to describe the destruction of a cable in a controlled environment using special equipment.

Why is it needed?
Commonly on large industrial and commercial complexes, one building or structure may supply power to another. The cables connecting the two buildings will be underground- under pathways, roads, etc. These connections should be documented in building plans and diagrams, but that is not always the case. When it comes to the destruction/construction of a new structure, unidentifiable cables are frequently encountered and if there is no documentation or traceable cable route, then due to the cable location (most commonly being underground) there is no way of visually confirming connections or supply which poses both a technical and safety issue.

Using a cable spiker ensures that the cable is dead and does not pose a risk to engineers who may be working on-site and need to move or remove the cable.

How does it work?
After all other precautions have been taken i.e. signal generators/detectors have been used to mitigate the risk as reasonably practicable, cable spiking is then used to cut into the cable remotely as a final precaution before it is removed by hand. A Cable Spiker should only be operated by a trained engineer as it can be dangerous if not operated correctly.

A cable spiker is a heavy-duty piece of equipment which- when triggered, drives a large steel pin through the cable, shorting any protective devices and making the cable dead and subsequently safe to work on.

Why Bison?
Bison are one of the only UK companies that do low-voltage cable spiking, we have an extensive track record helping clients with cable safety all across England.

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Bison Electrical Services team of electrical contractors offer our cable spiking services to industries throughout Suffolk and Norfolk, including the towns and cities of Norwich, Lowestoft, Beccles, Bungay, Harleston, Diss, Halesworth, Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, Southwold and beyond. To find out more about our cable spiking services for business, or to ask for a quote, call us on 01502 512219 or email


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