Bison can help with site set up, temporary power and lighting supplies

From the first element of groundworks right through to the first fix stage, your site will need power and light. At Bison, we understand your challenges. From a single welfare module to complete site temporary lighting and power supplies, we have you covered.

Temporary Power Supply

If there is no power present initially, we can supply from our range of temporary and emergency generators. You can trust us to plan for your needs and work around the ever-changing requirements as your site develops.

Well-lit construction sites

We have a comprehensive hire range of 110V lighting, transformers and leads etc. We can design, supply and install all temporary supplies ensuring that your site is both well-lit and safe. In addition, our designs include emergency lighting to ensure that your worksite is well lit in the event of a power failure.

What you can expect from Bison Electrical Services

With constant innovation, we will provide professional, trusted electrical installation services to the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic sectors. Developing solutions to guarantee your electrical installation is delivered and maintained, safely, on time and with the experience and quality that our clients deserve.

To learn more about site setup, including temporary power and lighting or to get a quote, contact us today on 01502 512219 or click to book a convenient time for us to call you back.