Essential works? See what safety measures we are taking, to enable us to provide essential works to our clients.

Bison Electrical Services take the well being of our staff and clients very seriously.  Following the announcement from our Prime Minister on Monday evening, we have ceased all non essential works. But what are ‘essential works’?

Bison Electrical has taken steps to create specific processes and procedures to vet all enquiries. This enables us to determine what is an essential job. Examples of some essential works are as follows:

  • Works where there may be a danger to life (Exposed live cables for instance)
  • Works that may affect the supply of health services
  • Works that may affect the supply of food
  • Works that may affect peoples well being (for example power supplies for hot water and heating).

In addition to the above, we have created procedures to safeguard our staff and clients in the event that we carry out such essential works. The procedures include:

  • Providing Staff with additional PPE including, Hand sanitiser, Face masks, Face visors, Coveralls, Anti viral spray, Disposable gloves etc
  • Carrying out risk assessments of the onsite environment.
  • Ensuring that a minimum of 2 meters distance is observed between people (one person per van for example)
  • Cleaning of tools and work area with anti viral spray.