Our Guarantee To YOU!

We pride ourselves on ensuring that we provide you with the same reliable and quality service that you should expect from us. That’s why we have introduced a guarantee to you!

We realise that when you need a quotation for works, that unfortunately its common to be let down by contractors with either not receiving a quotation or not receiving it within your expected time frame.

That’s why we will guarantee to have your quotation to you within the specified time frame*

When you require a quotation from Bison we will discuss a time when you need the quotation by. We will then guarantee to have that quotation to you buy the specified time. We are so confident that we will be able to accommodate your request for a quotation, that should we fail then you will receive up to 10% off of your quote*.



* Any orders over the value of £10,000.00 will be subject to a £100 discount. 10% off will be applied to all quotes under the value of £1,000.00, 5% for orders between £1,001.00 and £2,000.00, 2.5% for orders between £2,001.00 and £4,000.00 and 1% for order from £4,001.00 and £10,000.00. The discount will only be given to orders placed with Bison following quotation and will be applied once invoiced. Bison’s standard terms and conditions apply. A time must be set on request of a quotation.