Electrifying your future: EV charging points for business

Bison Electrical Services

Bison Electrical Services stand as a beacon of innovation, offering top-tier workplace EV charging point installation services to businesses across Suffolk and Norfolk. As OZEV approved installers, we take pride in being at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution. We’re here to electrify your business’s future!

Our tailored workplace EV charging solutions are engineered to cater specifically to the needs of business owners. Whether you operate a hotel, an office block, a factory, or a warehouse, or manage a sprawling car park, Bison Electrical Services offer the right charging points to meet your requirements.

In today’s corporate landscape, embracing eco-friendly practices is paramount. Demonstrating environmental responsibility has become a cornerstone of companies’ business ethics, and adopting electric vehicles as company cars is a tangible way to showcase your commitment to sustainability. But the benefits of workplace EV charging points are not only ecological; they translate into substantial cost savings for your business, too.

Funding for EV charging points for business is now more accessible than ever across Suffolk and Norfolk. The Energy Saving Trust and the Office for Zero Emissions (OZEV) offer grants of up to £350 for each charging point installation, provided it’s done by an OLEV approved installer like Bison Electrical Services.

Bison makes the application process a breeze, handling the grant application on your behalf. Once approved, our team will schedule the installation at a time that suits your business needs. We offer various options, and our pricing is determined by a site survey and terms and conditions.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey towards a greener, more cost-effective future, contact Bison today. Bison’s EV charging points for Norfolk and Suffolk businesses will electrify your company’s future. Call Bison Electrical Services on 01502 512219 or write to us at info@bisonelectrical.co.uk