Our dedicated team of electrical contractors: upholding our core values

Bison Electrical Services

At Bison, we take immense pride in employing a great team of electricians and electrical specialists, serving the homeowners and businesses of Suffolk and Norfolk. Our success and reputation are built upon the unwavering commitment of our staff to uphold the core values which define who we are and how we operate.

Team Work: we believe that success is a collective effort. Our team of electrical contractors work seamlessly, supporting each other and inspiring each other.

Positive Attitude: a positive mindset is the driving force behind our work. We not only promote a positive attitude within our team, but also ensure that it resonates with all our stakeholders and consumers. Positivity is a cornerstone of our continued success.

Innovation: to stay at the forefront of our industry, we’re the Norfolk & Suffolk electrical contractors who are committed to continuous innovation. Our innovative solutions add value to our services, enhance efficiency, and safeguard the environment.

Accountability: clear expectations and measurable KPIs create accountability. Every team member knows what’s expected, and we provide the necessary support to help them achieve their goals. Unattainable objectives have no place at Bison Electrical Services.

Recognition and Ownership: contributions to our company’s vision and long-term health are duly recognized and celebrated. Our positive collective efforts propel us forward!

Image: our professional image as leading electrical contractors is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We provide the tools and materials needed to represent our company in a professional, clean, and consistent manner.

Efficiency: efficiency drives profitability but it also minimises waste. We continuously refine our processes and procedures, ensuring that every aspect of our operation runs as efficiently as possible. We implement only proven processes, after thorough testing.

Quality: quality is non-negotiable at Bison Electrical Services! We ensure that every job and every project meets the high quality standards our clients deserve and demand from their electrical contractors, with no exceptions.

Continuous Development: Bison thrives on the continuous development of all stakeholders. We invest in regular reviews, training, and development to ensure competence and confidence in every task.

Call your dedicated team of Norfolk and Suffolk electrical contractors today: call Bison Electrical Services on 01502 512219 or write to us at info@bisonelectrical.co.uk